Upper Klickitat River In-Channel and Floodplain Enhancement Project

Project abstract: 

Enhance instream habitat and water quality to benefit Middle Columbia steelhead and spring Chinook at three priority sites totaling 0.29 cumulative river miles. Work will involve reshaping and replanting 0.62 miles (cumulative) of bank and 2.1 acres of floodplain.

Project goals: 

Maintain and/or increase juvenile rearing habitat diversity for spring Chinook and steelhead on the Klickitat River between RM 70 and 74.5.

Project plan: 

Work will restore ecosystem characteristics and processes, and address priority factors identified as limiting salmonid production. The core EDT reach that encompasses project sites ranks third overall in the Klickitat subbasin in restoration potential for combined performance of steelhead and spring Chinook. The intent of the project is to reduce the interaction between the 255 Road and the Klickitat River in three locations and improve in-channel habitat conditions. 

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Status: Active

06/01/2012 - Present
Targeted Populations: 
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