Russell Jim "Kii'ahł"

Russell Jim speaking at Department of Energy in Richland on November 2013

Atwi (the late), Russell Jim served as program manager of the Confederated Tribes and Bands of the Yakama Nation’s Environmental Restoration and Waste Management Program. Mr. Jim grew up in the Yakama territory along the Yakima River. Mr. Jim’s focus had been preserving the earth’s natural resources while instilling tribal youth with a respect for their Yakama lands and traditions. In the 1970’s he was instrumental in giving direction to begin restoration of land and resources. Over thirty years of restoration work has resulted in the return of numerous plants, animals and fish that were previously extirpated. Mr. Russell "Husti" Jim- Kii'athl

Hanford Quote

  "As you heard it (Hanford) is going to be a big burden on all of us.  You younger generation have to realize what you're going to be faced with and perhaps your children, and grandchildren also." - Russell Jim, 5/23/13   "Hanford Tanks in Trouble,"Seattle, Washington

Boarding School quote

Russell describes his escape from Boarding School. "When I came home from the Chemawa Indian Boarding School, I described the horror stories to my aunt, and she went to my father and said, “You can send the rest of your children back to that school if you want to. This one is not going.” And she said, “If he has to go to school, you find a place close by here where I can watch him. If you do not, I’ll take him to the hills and you’ll never find us.” - Russell Jim, Wisdom of the Elders Interview 

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LAKE CLE ELUM, WASHINGTON – Jun. 13, 2013 – Tribal elder Russell Jim smiles after releasing pulling the lever that released sockeye salmon into the lake during a ceremony Wednesday, July 10, 2013, to mark the first return of sockeye salmon to Lake Cle Elum in 100 years. Sockeye salmon were reintroduced to the lake in 2009 by the Yakama Nation and the fish released today are the first of those salmon to return to the lake. Thomas Boyd/The Oregonian