Councilman Virgil "Sluscum" Lewis and Gerry "Kahloolah" Lewis (Satus Creek, 2013)

The Yakama Nation has developed many parternerships throughout the Columbia River basin, some examples include:

  • Columbia River Intertribal Fish Commission - In 1977, Yakama joined with the Warm Springs, Umatilla, and Nez Perce tribes to form the Columbia River Intertribal Fish Commission.
  • Columbia Basin Fish Accords - In 2008, the Yakama Nation, along with the Bonneville Power Administration and other federal partners, signed the Columbia Basin Fish Accords. This agreement provides Yakama Nation Fisheries with 10 years of funding for comprehensive, “gravel to gravel,” on-the-ground fish recovery projects.
  • Upper Columbia Salmon Recovery Board - In the mid-1990s, when several runs of Columbia River salmon were listed under the Endangered Species Act, pressures increased on local governments and landowners to adress activities that injured listed fish species. The Yakama Nation saw an opportunity to build relationships to work toward salmon recovery which resulted in the Upper Columbia Salmon Recovery Board. Today, the board consists of three counties, the Yakama Nation and the Colville Tribes to guide restoration and protection of salmon and steelhead while balancing the needs of the regional economy and private landowners.
  • Yakima Basin Integrated Plan - in 2010 the Yakama Nation joined state, federal and local stakeholders in developing the Yakima Basin Integrated Plan, a comprehensive effort to address fisheries issues and water supply concerns.

"Collaboration is a valuable tool and our partnerships help us as we honor, protect and restore the Columbia River and its tributaries."  Yakama Nation Tribal Council Chairman Harry Smiskin