Sunnyslope ELJ

Project abstract: 

This project created a logjam habitat feature to stabilize approximately 800 feet of eroding left bank on the Lower Wenatchee River. THe large wood was placed above top of bank and will likely interact with the river once the bank erodes.  This project will restore large wood to this portion of the Wenatchee river channel. The large wood will provide complexity and improve fish habitat in addition to stabilizing the eroding bank. Some areas on site were also restored with native vegetation to encourage a more natural riparian habitat for future generations.

Project goals: 
Activity Type - Instream Habitat - Washington
Channel structure - Wood structure / log jam 800 Feet 10/31/2012
Activity-High Level Habitat
Total Miles Of Instream Habitat Treated 00.15 Miles  

Activity-Instream Habitat Project
Miles of Stream Treated for channel structure placement 00.15 Miles 10/31/2012
Miles of Streambank Stabilized 00.15 Miles  
Number of structures placed in channel 01 Number

Project progress: 

Project completed and goals achieved.

Project Photos:

  • Large wood placed above eroding bank
  • More large wood placed above eroding bank

Status: Completed

07/18/2011 to 10/31/2012
Targeted Populations: 
Location Area (Basin, Sub-Basin):